Thump Thump Thump

16 Oct

Thanks Mark Geary for the “90’s techno terrorist” t-shirt.


To think this was delivered in 1992 on a single 880kb disk. It’s still as amazing to me today as it was when I watched it for the first time wayyy back then. Go fullscreen! ūüôā

A bug cropped up in iOS 7 that appears to affect any AIR app that uses sound. ¬†The bug pops up a dialog box requesting microphone permission¬†the first time your app is run under iOS 7 (even if your app does not use the microphone). ¬†After a user clicks “Don’t Allow” or “OK” it will not re-appear- but this unexpected dialog box can be off-putting to anyone using your app under iOS 7.

I submitted a bug for this and Adobe fixed the issue in SDK 3.9 (beta):

Recompiling your app against AIR SDK 3.9 should address this issue.  You can find the latest AIR SDK here:



As a one-person shop I find myself buzzing around the same digital hub day in & day out- surrounded by nothing but ¬†monitors, deadlines and //TODO lists for whatever project I’m working on.

I often forget how much getting up & sketching out a simple diagram on physical surface can help to clarify stuff.

This post is a reminder to myself and others who don’t work in a space with other people- try a whiteboard- it can help to clear your head!


EDM’s Fault?

22 Aug

Oh no, even the light curtains are blaming EDM!

Maybe the real fault was that someone coined the term ‘EDM’ to start with…

Typing with a controller is not among the most fun things you can do with your OUYA. Here’s how to pair up a Bluetooth keyboard.

Access files from a USB drive on the OUYA.

How else would you work with files? Here we install ES File Manager on the OUYA.

Adobe no longer officially supports the Flash player on Android, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a whirl by installing it on the Android 4.1 OUYA build.

As ¬†a $99 Tegra-3 based Android device, the Ouya has a lot of potential for gaming, hacking and generally messing around. ¬†Here’s a brief tutorial on using the web browser.