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Before the decision to play live was made, I considered driving the sequences from a more powerful desktop workstation. The reasons to use a desktop were there:- more CPU power & RAM, faster hard drive(s), better cooling, plenty of juice for the USB ports, and the ability to tuck the box away somewhere under a … Read more

Let’s talk about using a laptop as the central piece to a live show.  If I could sum up the collective wisdom and opinion of those who have gone before, I’m pretty sure it would sound something like this: “Don’t do that.” But I really feel like I have to do it.  For the past … Read more

If you’ve wondered what those Aux channels mean on your mixer, I will explain.  That way, should you ever get the ear of a seasoned electronic veteran… like The Juan MacLean, for example…. you can ask them more insightful questions, and won’t need to spend your car ride home doing a *facepalm loop! The aux dials on … Read more

Drum-mounted mixer

3, Sep 2010

I can’t be the first one to do this, but this seemed like as good a place as any to put the analog signal routing- esp. if I want to use any of the effects chains.   The ideal place would be under the hands of a dedicated, competent sound person… unfortunately the venue doesn’t … Read more

As an added bonus, these metal brushes are also louder… yet still much quieter than the ‘crack of doom’ their wooden cousins would produce on my snare.