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Gruber Motors had a terrible fire over the weekend that started with a faulty building electrical panel, and lost 30+ first generation Tesla Roadsters.  There were so few Roadsters made (around 2,450) that such a loss is not inconsequential & could represent 2% or more of all remaining Tesla Roadsters on Earth (assuming others have been totaled/scrapped for … Read more

Here’s a list of all firmware updates through Feb. 8, 2020.

Behave, oscillator

6, Aug 2016

Taking some bad electronics out for a walk.

I just traversed 26 NYC blocks on a stand-up electric scooter carrying this 20+ pound Casitone 403 keyboard over my shoulder in an Ikea bag.  Feels like I just completed some weird urban olympic event, but instead of a medal I got an analog drum box with stylish wood grain!  Fair enough.  

This is my attempt to future-proof a tutorial process for updating Flash Pro CS6.  My hope is that this guide can work for the next several versions of the Flash Player.  In this example I’m moving up from Flash Player 17 to version 18. This method may work with Flash Pro CC or Flash Pro … Read more

Dropped by the Laptop Music Production workshop at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View earlier this week. What a great forum.  Folks took turns playing original tracks, sharing their mixes via projector, and discussing all sorts of music & production-y things.  I myself pulled out a track from four years ago- time to finish that one I think. Tracks by some of the artists present that night: … Read more

It’s hard to have a blog called “Rock The Machines” and not mention it when Captured! By Robots plays a gig in your back yard (well, not literally in my back yard, though that would have been cool.) JBOT, the reluctant but obedient leader/servant of the seminal Bay Area “one-man-plus-angry-robots” band played the last show of his 43-city tour at Benders … Read more

John Vanderslice opened up his SF studio, Tiny Telephone, for their 17th anniversary. Props to him for opening his studio to the public, providing free beer, and delicious food! What a cool place. Thanks also goes to Steve Beck for inviting me along! Below are a few photos I took of some of the the treasures within.

Defect Reports are a new thing Ebay introduced as part of their 2014 Spring Seller update. The report format can be tough to view in it’s native format (a text-based .csv file). I created a web based viewer to feed your report into and get a much better sense of what’s what.  Lots of folks from all over … Read more

Thump Thump Thump

16, Oct 2013

Thanks Mark Geary for the “90’s techno terrorist” t-shirt.